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A Weighted Soul and Other Dark and Twisted Tales

A computer realizes what it means to be human.

A young woman is not what she seems.

An online chat holds something sinister.

A group of teens spends a night among the shadows.

A boy discovers his book may be more than fiction.

A girl is told the day she dies.

A disturbing mix of thrilling and subtle horror, A Weighted Soul is sure to shock,  unnerve, and linger long after the last page is turned.

Genre: New Adult Horror Short Story Collection

NOTE: This book is in the genre of New Adult. It is geared toward a reading audience between Young Adult and Adult. It contains strong language, gore, and disturbing sequences. Reader discretion is advised.


What people are saying about A Weighted Soul

“J. L. Willow’s words will make you second guess every sight, smell, and sound when darkness falls. Brilliantly crafted works that scared me half to death, and truly a compelling piece.” – Lauren Redwood, Advanced Reader

“When I tell you I finished this book fast, I finished it in under 24 hours! I was so hooked on each story, and as each tale came across, it brought about more fear, uneasiness, and plot twists.” – Kylie, Advanced Reader

Illustrated by Crina Magalio.

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Cover Design / Interior Formatting by Stone Ridge Books, LLC.

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