The Song That Inspired The Scavenger

While I was writing The Scavenger, there was one song that kept coming back to me. I had actually heard it months before I started writing, but as I continued working, I saw how the song aligned almost perfectly with my work. The song is titled “Reverie,” performed by The Morning Of. Even though it … Continue reading The Song That Inspired The Scavenger

What I Learned From Publishing My Debut Novel

It’s been nearly five months since my debut novel, The Scavenger, was published on Amazon! The weeks have has flown by and I think it’s a good time to reflect on some of the lessons I’ve learned from my experiences self-publishing. When I started writing way back in first grade, I had this vision in … Continue reading What I Learned From Publishing My Debut Novel

Bookworm Reviews: The Illuminae Files

Bookworm Reviews: The Illuminae Files Title: The Illuminae Files (Illuminae, Gemina, Obsidio) Author: Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller Review: Two years ago, I picked up the first book in The Illuminae Files trilogy. I was intrigued by the formatting and plot but wasn’t really sure what to expect from the book … Continue reading Bookworm Reviews: The Illuminae Files

Notebook: A Writer’s Best Weapon

Many writers (including myself) find organizing their thoughts pretty difficult. Notebooks can revolution the way you write -- if you know how to use them. Over the years, I’ve got my note-taking down to a science. Every piece of paper I have is there for a reason and everything has a place. Shown above are the … Continue reading Notebook: A Writer’s Best Weapon

Screen and Paper: The Contrasting Art of Storytelling

  Chances are everyone’s walked into a conversation at some point that’s gone something along the lines of this: “The movie was better.” “How could you say that? Everyone knows the book is always better.” “I can’t believe they turned that into a television show -- it sucks.” Opinions on different genres of storytelling have … Continue reading Screen and Paper: The Contrasting Art of Storytelling

So, You Wanna Be an Author?

Ever since I started spreading the new about The Scavenger getting published, I’ve been getting questions about the writing and publishing process. The most common question, by far, is how to actually start. There are so many people out there, even more than I realized previously, that want to be published authors. It seems very … Continue reading So, You Wanna Be an Author?

Behind the Pages: Scavenger Trivia

I’d like to start this by thanking all of you. If you’re reading this right now, you’re interested in my work and want to support it, and I cannot express my gratitude. I love reading all your comments (whether it be a praise or criticism). It’s amazing to have such a supportive writing community and … Continue reading Behind the Pages: Scavenger Trivia