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The Scavenger

It’s not secrets that are dangerous. It’s what secrets make people do.

When a number of teen drug overdoses disturbs the NYPD, an investigation is quickly formed to uncover the forces behind it. Four people with no previous connection soon find themselves the object of scrutiny as the case moves forward.

Catherine is a freshman living an unfulfilled high school life. After a gentle nudge from her best friend Eve, she begins searching for more. A boy named Samuel may be the answer to what she’s looking for, but not everything is what it seems.

Samuel has connections to the investigation in more ways than Catherine realizes and carries more secrets than he cares to admit. His decision to take a risky bet with a man named Frank seems like easy money but instead causes his life to quickly unravel.

Frank is a drug dealer living in New York City, best known for his heinously addictive strains of laced marijuana. With the NYPD closing in and pressure slowly building, he discovers the life he’s carefully built for himself in danger of collapse.

Nathan Tawallis of the NYPD is lead investigator of the case. Much as he tries to ignore it, long forgotten memories begin to surface and past connections to the drug network quickly become too hard to ignore.

With lives becoming inexorably entangled, The Scavenger weaves a tale of suspense and finding family in unsuspecting places while simultaneously delving into the dangers and alarming nature of the illegal drug trade.

Genre: Young Adult Crime Drama

Paperback available on Amazon and B&N

Also available on Kindle!

What people are saying about The Scavenger

“Truly proud and fond of J.L. Willow who has now become an instant purchase author for me.”
– Zachary James, Iridescent Fury

“There are great moments throughout [The Scavenger] . . . I can only see her work getting better and better.” (Read the full review HERE)
– R. J. Plant, Rise and Run

“She has a wonderful way of stringing words together . . . Willow captured the snark, the sassiness, everything about being a teen, including the drama.” (Read the full review HERE)
– J. Keller Ford, In the Shadow of the Dragon King

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