I’m Signing Books at Barnes & Noble!

I have some very exciting news I would like to share with you guys! As you've probably already read from the title, I'm doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble! In addition to having copies of The Scavenger available for purchase, I'll also be moderating a Q&A session with some other YA authors including Rob Vlock, … Continue reading I’m Signing Books at Barnes & Noble!

Book Club Questions: THE SCAVENGER

Happy six month anniversary of The Scavenger! Time has really flown. With nearly 300 books sold (and hopefully many more to come with the upcoming event of BookCon), I’m extremely grateful for the amount of love and support I’ve received. It’s been a wild ride and, with my second book in the works, I’m looking … Continue reading Book Club Questions: THE SCAVENGER

The Song That Inspired The Scavenger

While I was writing The Scavenger, there was one song that kept coming back to me. I had actually heard it months before I started writing, but as I continued working, I saw how the song aligned almost perfectly with my work. The song is titled “Reverie,” performed by The Morning Of. Even though it … Continue reading The Song That Inspired The Scavenger


My debut, novel, The Scavenger, is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Kindle! The official release date is November 13, 2017. If you order via Kindle, it will be downloaded directly onto your device on the day of launch. If you order via Amazon, please leave 3-5 business days to allow your book to … Continue reading NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: The Scavenger