Join the “Missing Her” Cover Release Team!

In case you didn’t hear, Missing Her’s cover is being released one week from today! *insert shocked gasp here* I am SUPER excited to show you guys this cover, and I want to give you the opportunity for you to get in on the action! For my second book, I’m opening up applications to be … Continue reading Join the “Missing Her” Cover Release Team!

Bookworm Reviews: Romanov

Title: Romanov Author: Nadine Brandes Genre: Historical Fantasy Review: Romanov by Nadine Brandes is an epic historical fantasy novel that takes an interesting twist on the infamous Romanov monarchy. Pulling inspiration from the magical intrigue cloaking the family’s history and the mysterious circumstances surrounding their deaths, Brandes weaves a never-before-seen retelling that is both gripping and heart-wrenching. … Continue reading Bookworm Reviews: Romanov

Bookworm Reviews: The Path Keeper

The Path Keeper by N.J. Simmonds is a thrilling story of love and loss, driven by a greater force that brings people together as the world simultaneously tears them apart. Simmonds writing flows like poetry, each sentence meticulously crafted. Although the piece is artful as a whole, there’s an underlying tension to it that cannot be … Continue reading Bookworm Reviews: The Path Keeper

End of Nanowrimo: So, What Happened?

Well, today is the last day of National Novel Writing Month. To recap what Nanowrimo is, thousands of writers all around the world challenge themselves to write 50k words in one month (roughly 1670 words a day).  Throughout the 30 days, there are virtual and in-person write-ins scheduled to help you stay you on-track. It’s … Continue reading End of Nanowrimo: So, What Happened?

Bookworm Reviews: The Impossible Girl

Title: The Impossible Girl Author: Lydia Kang Genre: Mystery Review: The Impossible Girl spins a dark, edge-of-your-seat mystery that revolves around corpse theft but somehow still manages to be beautifully written. The book revolves around Cora Lee, who lives a double-life as both herself and her "brother," Jacob. Cora is known as a smart, young girl with … Continue reading Bookworm Reviews: The Impossible Girl

One Year Anniversary and Epilogue: The Scavenger

It is the one year anniversary of The Scavenger and I can hardly believe it. I remember for months counting down the day that my debut novel went live on Amazon. 365 days later, the excitement of seeing my book in my reader's hands still hasn't left. I learn new things every day and I couldn't have … Continue reading One Year Anniversary and Epilogue: The Scavenger