J. L. Willow

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Today, I am super excited to announce my next project! My next book is going to be (drumroll please) 

A collection of short stories!

I know, exciting right?! If you’d like to learn more about the collection (like how many stories there will be, what genre it’s in and more) check out the YouTube video that I posted earlier today! I go into a lot more detail about it 🙂

But that’s not even all of it. I’m also getting the collection illustrated!

I’ve been working closely with the extremely talented Crina Magalio to have an illustration for every story in the collection. She’s been doing amazing work and it’s really going to enhance the reading experience! Be sure to check out her website HERE!

Are you excited to learn more about my short story collection? Let me know in the comments! I can’t wait for you guys to read what I’ve been working on.

— Julia

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