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Hiya, guys! Today, I have some BIG news! I’m starting an Authortube channel!

So, what is an Authortube channel? Authortubers are writers/authors that run a Youtube channel talking about writing tips and their publishing story. I am so excited to be joining this group! They were a huge inspiration to me when I was writing The Scavenger, and I’m so happy that I have the opportunity to reach out and inspire others in the same way.

You can watch the video below. If you are pumped for me to start my Youtube channel, make sure to like my “Welcome!” video and subscribe!

Can’t wait to take this journey with you 🙂

Click HERE to watch my first video!

— Julia

2 thoughts on “I’m Starting a Youtube Channel!

  1. Laura Wierzbicki says:

    I just subscribed!


  2. jon287 says:

    I just subscribed!


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