Self/Traditional Publishing

If I’m going to be honest, I didn’t actually know that self-publishing was an option when I first started writing The Scavenger. I was still under the impression that writers sent a printed copy of their manuscript to a publishing house and then (within a few weeks) would receive a letter back of either acceptance … Continue reading Self/Traditional Publishing

Three Things I Learned From Hiring a Manuscript Editor

When I originally started writing The Scavenger, I had always assumed I wouldn’t have the budget for a professional editor. It had never really been a question after I had started looking at prices and saw what people could charge. But as I continued drafting and editing my work, it became more and more apparent … Continue reading Three Things I Learned From Hiring a Manuscript Editor

No new ideas? No problem!

“Nothing. No ideas. Useless. Empty. Brain.” Hiro Hamada utters these extremely relatable words during Disney’s Big Hero Six. As a writer, I can completely understand the devastating feeling of wanting to work but having no inspiration to do so. It can be really frustrating and can easily result in falling into a rut. To prevent … Continue reading No new ideas? No problem!