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While I was writing The Scavenger, there was one song that kept coming back to me. I had actually heard it months before I started writing, but as I continued working, I saw how the song aligned almost perfectly with my work.

The song is titled “Reverie,” performed by The Morning Of. Even though it isn’t very well-known, the melody and lyrics of the song are really beautiful. There are two lead singers, a man and a woman, who reflect on their relationship and think about the future. I liked to think of the singers as Samuel and Catherine:

Another day that I can’t face your blue eyes,

We are falling apart and I’m scared to death.

You are much worse for the wear and I’m…

Taking the blame for this.

If you read my book, you’ll know how Samuel blames himself for the problems that Catherine finds herself in. Lines like these really capture the pressure and stress he places on himself, his connection with Catherine the only thing keeping him sane. The upbeat but slightly sad tune continues to build on that theme.

The song even works with the plot on small details, like the story taking place in a city:

Lord get me out of this city tonight,

Cause you are what made me feel alive.

A few lines of verse really capture the delicate balance of love and loss that I really tried to convey in The Scavenger. If you read my short story, Before, After and Forever, you’ll know I used it there as well (I just loved it so much):

And they say the wind is everyone,

That you’ve ever loved,

Grazing their lips upon your cheek.

I highly recommend checking out the full piece. It’s really beautiful and another way to take a deeper look into how I made The Scavenger. Listen to it here.

How does music inspire your writing? Comment below! I think combining different art forms is a great way to make well-rounded work.

Just keep writing, just keep writing . . .

— J. L. Willow

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